The Administrative Reforms Department is responsible for performing the following activities :-

  • Administrative Reforms
  • Work Study
  • Re-organization of department
  • Organization & Method
  • Office Inspections
  • Redressal of Public Grievances
  • Good governance activities
  • Right to Information Act(s)
  • Secretariat functions of Lokayukta Office
  • Secretariat functions of PGC
  • Incentive schemes for officers and staff in the field of Administrative Reforms
  • Conducting of departmental tests/examination about O&M, service matters etc.
  • Monitoring of punctuality in attendance and surprise checks
  • Empanelment of Consultant for projects & studies concerning administrative reforms
  • Nodal agency for Citizen Charters
  • Business Process Re-engineering

 Apart from the items mentioned above, the other important assignments handled by the Department are as under: 

i) Implementation of Delhi Right to Information Act 

The Govt. of Delhi has enacted Delhi Right to Information Act, 2001 and framed rules there under. It gives a right to citizens to seek information after depositing a fee of Rs. 25/- in any matter barring areas mentioned under Section 6 of the Act.  In addition, a sum of Rs.5/- per page will be charged for supply of information.

The fee can be paid in the form of Bank Draft/Postal Order payable to "Government of NCT of Delhi" or in Cash. The Competent Authorities appointed under the Act are required to give information within 30 days failing which a penalty of Rs. 50/- per day is to be imposed for delays subject to maximum of Rs. 500/-. For giving wrong information also a penalty of Rs. 1000/- can be imposed. 

 A conference on Right to Information & Administrative Reforms organized on 10-11 December, 2002.  Workshops/Training Programmes have been organized from time to time to enlighten the Competent Authorities about the provisions of the Act and to give them guidelines.

ii) Secretariat Functions of Lokayukta office

In Delhi, Delhi Lokayukta and Uplokayukta Act, 1995 has been enacted. One Lokayukta has been appointed under this Act and is functioning from G-Block, I. P. Estate, New Delhi-110002. The secretarial assistance for provisions of budget and staff etc. is provided by A.R. Department. Its reports are also tabled in the Delhi Assembly together with an explanatory memorandum.

iii) Secretariat Functions of Public Grievance Commission

A Public Grievance Commission has been set up vide Resolution dated 25.9.1997 as amended on 30.7.1998, which attends to public grievances in respect of all Departments, autonomous bodies of Delhi Govt. including Delhi Police. Chairman who is assisted by one whole time member and two part time members heads it. 

These cretarial functions of this organization are also performed by A. R.Department. Its annual reports are also tabled on the floor of the House.

iv) Implementation of Suggestion Scheme for Awards

The Standing Committee on Administrative Reforms has introduced a suggestion scheme for officers and staff of Delhi Govt. which gives them an opportunity to participate in the decision making process. The suggestions are examined by the Standing Committee on Administrative Reforms every alternative month and prizes upto Rs. 5000/- can be givenby Standing Committee. Sixteen employees have been given award underthis scheme so far.

v) Appointment of Consultants for Undertaking Studies

In order to expedite various studies and to improve the working of various departments with respect to the various process and procedures, it has been decided to appoint consultants on contract basis. Requests received from retired civil servants well versed in Works Studies/Method Studies/Procedural Studies, societies/institutions having experience in similar works are considered on merit.

vi) Citizens Charter 

The concept of Citizens charter has been introduced by 75 departments/Office of Delhi Government. Other departments have also been requested to adopt similar charters. A study of existing charterhas been done both by A.R. Department and Transparency International India to further improve these charters. 

vii) Punctuality Drives 

Nodal Officers have been appointed for conducting punctuality drives in major departments and they are required to conduct atleast three punctuality drives per month.  All Departments are also required to conduct punctuality drives in their respective departments and send a monthly report to A.R. Department.  The A.R. Department carries out surprise checkings from time to time. 

viii) Manual of Office Procedure Test

In order to impart Manual of Office Procedure Training under the"self-learning scheme" an annual test is conducted by A.R. Department in which the staff members of Delhi Govt. including its autonomous bodies and Undertakings can participate. The candidates are given cash awards ranging from Rs.200/- to Rs. 1100/- are given to them according to the percentage of marks obtained by them. Certificates are also distributed to the participants.

ix) Work Measurement Studies

Requests received from various departments for creation of new posts/up gradation of posts are examined by A. R. Department to assess the need based staffing requirements. 

x) O & M Inspections 

Annual Inspections are got conducted as per provisions of  Manual of Office Procedure so that  the shortcomings can be identified and rectificationdone by the respective departments.

xi) Redressal of Public Grievances 

Complaints received from different quarters including Govt. of India are transmitted to concerned departments for appropriate action and follow up action taken where required.

xii) Pension Cases 

Inorder to ensure prompt disposal of pension cases, monthly reports are obtained through Pay & Accounts Office. Cases pending with the concerned departments are followed up to get them quickly finalized. 

xiii) Plan Scheme

A Plan Scheme for strengthening of A. R. Department is in force. Anannual budget of about Rs. 4 lakhs is granted under this scheme for conducting Manual of Office Procedure Test, Workshops and other all ie functions. Non-plan budget of A. R. Department is governed by General Administration Department.

Last Updated Date :- 01/05/2018

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