DRTI-delay of information - dated 16/7/2002


No. F.17/11/2002/AR/11921-12220 
Dated :-16/7/2002 


All Pr. Secys,/Secys./HODs/
Heads of Autonomous Bodies/
Local Bodies/Undertakings/
Delhi / New Delhi.

Subject :- Delhi Right to Information Act – Delay in supplying of information beyond the prescribed period.

Sir / Madam, 

Please refer to Section-5(2) of the Delhi Right to Information Act. It provides that information should be provided as soon as practicable but normally within 15 days and in any case within 30 days from the date of receipt of the application.

2. The Public Grievances Commission has intimated that the above provision is not being enforced by the Competent Authorities meticulously. The information in most of the appeal cases registered with PGC was supplied by the Competent Authorities after the prescribed time was over. 

3. As you are aware causing delay in supply the information attracts the penal provisions under Rule-6 of the Delhi Right to Information Rules, 2001, which reads as under :

“Penalties – (1) Whoever being bound to supply information under sub-section (1) of section 5 of the Act fails to furnish the information asked for under the Act within the time specified or fails to communicate the rejection order under sub-section(2) of section 5 of the Act, shall be liable to pay a penalty of fifty rupees per day for the delayed period beyond thirty days subject to a maximum of five hundred rupees per application, filed under rule 3.

(2) Where the information supplied is found to be false in any material particular and which the person bound to supply it knows or has reasonable cause to believe it to be false or does not believe it to be true, the person supplying the information shall be liable to pay a penalty of one thousand rupees per application, filed under rule 3.”

4. It is, therefore, requested that Competent Authorities be directed to supply of information within the prescribed time limits. In the case of default, the penalties provided in Rule-6 of the Delhi Right to Information Rules-2001 should be resorted to.

Yours faithfully,
(Prakash Kumar)
Secretary ( A.R.)

Last Updated Date :- 03/05/2018

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