State Council's decision - dated 31.12.2002


No. F. 17/11/2002/AR/20073-20473 



1. The State Council for Right to Information met on 6/11/2002 with Chief Minister as the Chairperson. The Council reviewed the existing arrangements made for the implementation of the Right to Information Act and Rules framed thereunder. 

2. The following decisions were taken :-
i) Information through Website:- All the departments should put maximum information on their Websites to provide information to the public. Website addresses should be henceforth displayed in all notices / advertisements issued by individual department.

All the departments should put the frequently asked information on the Website in the form of questions and answers. The Websites should be developed in Hindi followed by Punjabi and Urdu.Every department should prepare simple 10-12 pages handy brochure, which lists what can be found on the Website and give these free of charge to visitors and stakeholders. Each department should also advertise in suitable newspapers that the departments Website carrying information on the subjects contained in the Website. Such advertisement may be inserted every month for three months till public awareness grows. Updation of the Website should be one officers responsibility BY NAME.

ii) Training / Workshops :- All officers of the Government should be imparted training about the Delhi Right to Information Act and Rules thereunder. A core group of trainers should be identified and trained so that they can further impart training to Government officials in their respective offices by sending teams. The members of State Council may be invited to participate as per their convenience. 

iii) Display of hoardings :- The departments including their Field Units should display hoardings / painted display boards indicating details of the Competent Authority under the Act as per Annexure enclosed.

iv) Setting up of Call Centres :- A dedicated Call Centre should be set up for providing information as well as for grievance redressal with proper escalation mechanism i.e. incase the grievance do not get settled within a prescribed period, the same will get automatically reported to the next superior officer. In case, the superior officer is again not in a position to get them disposed off by the scheduled period fixed for him, then the pending grievance will get reported to his next officer automatically. It will help the citizens in getting to know the status of their application without visiting the office and help the Government in monitoring disposal of such applications by departments. 

v) Display of Contract Documents :- Copies of all Contract Documents awarded by the MCD / PWD etc. should be kept in selected public libraries for perusal of public. Copies of new Contract Documents awarded henceforth should be provided to the local Resident Welfare Associations of the area concerned for their information. 

vi) Touch Screen Computer Facility :- A touch screen kiosks should be made available in Delhi Government Secretariat so that the visitors can access information through the same. All possible information should be made available through this technique. The touch screen kiosks should be in place by January, 2003. 

vii) Multiple Information :- The applicants should be allowed to seek information on the pattern of Assembly Questions in 3-4 sub-parts of the question on a particular subject. 

viii) Publicity Campaign :- Publicity campaign to make people aware of their rights under this Act giving examples of success stories should be organized. The campaign should be sustained for some time. 

ix) Other Issues :- Documents for which certified copies can be taken should not be brought under Right to Information. Departments should prepare a list of documents for which certified copies can be taken by people. The list should be displayed at the information counter. 

3. All these issues needs concerted efforts on the part of the Heads of Departments and Competent Authority to provide necessary information and to create requisite infrastructure to implement the Act. 

4. A compliance report in this regard may please be sent latest by 30.1.2003 to the Administrative Reforms Department. 

(Prakash kumar) 


1. All Pr. Secretaries/Secretaries/HODs
2.Heads of all Autonomous Bodies/Undertakings/Local Bodies
3.All Competent Authorities though HODs.

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